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New Year

New year! A time for festivities and new year resolutions that most of us already know we won’t keep- likely before we’ve even made them. So, it’s not surprising so many of us fail as them when that’s the mindset that people can, sometimes unintentionally, go into it with. This is where hypnotherapy can come into play. 

Whatever the resolution is, be it stopping smoking, losing weight, finally starting to do some daily cardio, hypnosis is exactly the right tool to help. Like with most things it’s all in the mind. To begin with, it’s important to have a true sense of where it is you want to go. It’s easy to say that you want to lose weight, but have you ever stopped and tried to truly picture what that looks like? Your drive to achieve will only be stronger if you’re able to truly visualise the end result. If you’ve seen it then you’ve briefly experienced it and you won’t want to let that future slip away. Hypnosis will allow you to do just that- to really feel like you are that future self you want to be and therefore making that well-meaning resolution so much more important. 

Through this, you will also be able to identify factors that may be working against you and your desire to change. These could be anything, from trouble in your past to a problem with your self-esteem. Whatever it is, hypnosis can you make you see that these don’t have to be things that hold you back- if anything you can train your mind to make these motivators- to use these negatives in a positive way so they no longer feel like a weight that is holding you down. 

Every year we hear the same thing- “New Year new me”. This year, if you find yourself saying that, then make sure it’s true!